Monday, March 19, 2012

Show Prep 156

Greetings and Salutations, People:


Denver! Open your hearts! An actual NFL quarterback is coming!

He’s won 4 NFL MVP’s and a Super Bowl AND HE’S NOT FINISHED!

He leaves the Colts and they go from the playoffs to only winning 2 games!

Tennessee welcome to another decade of irrelevance.

If Matt Hasselbeck doesn’t work, you can always have Tim Tebow…DISCOUNTED!

San Francisco – have fun trying to woo back Alex Smith.

The whole league wanted him, and he chose ELWAY!

JOHN ELWAY!  Gangster, Pimp, Don, Godfather, HE GOT MANNING! Everybody wanted him, but Elway beat them ALL!

Holla! PURPLE DRANK! Tebow’s size matters, but it’s the quickness and the accuracy I want!! A DOUBLE RAINBOW!!!!!

Show Prep 155

Greetings and Salutations, People: This is the number 3 weather show on BlogTalk Radio – This is Vertically Striped Radio.

McDonalds STILL can’t spell my name: Coreg?

Tweet of the Week:  
When I tell people I have a son, they're surprised. "Oh, you're a dad?" "No, no, im a DILF." 

Today on VSR – We have a St. Patrick’s Day inspired Magnificent Seven List, We have some new things to think about, and of course, the He-Man Movie Watchers Club will be discussing TMNT.

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(Bring on Face) –

Let’s get to the news… (Play News Music – Clip 03) 

Let’s get to the news… (Play News Music – Clip 03)

DENVER, Colorado – A 56-year-old man was killed on Thursday when he was buried under a 20-foot mound of pinto beans at a warehouse in eastern Colorado where he worked, police said.
Raymond Segura Jr. was pronounced dead at the Brush, Colo., facility of the Kelley Bean Company after efforts to reach him alive were unsuccessful.
Martin said emergency personnel were summoned to the site at 11:30 a.m. on reports of a worker trapped in a pile of loose pinto beans.
Martin said dozens of rescue workers and even four inmates from the county jail spent an hour digging through a 20-foot high mound of the legumes weighing several tons in order to get to the trapped worker, but he was dead when crews reached him.
Segura was a longtime resident of the area and had worked at the warehouse for over 12 years.
Police say that the cause of the accident, how the victim became trapped and the exact cause of death are under investigation.

ROGERS, Arkansas (AP) -- A northwest Arkansas teenager thought it would be funny to text a random phone number saying she hid a body, but the joke backfired.

Of all the local phone numbers she could have chosen, the 15-year-old Rogers girl picked one that belonged to a police detective. Police found the girl's address by tracing her cellphone number.

The prank? To text: "I hid the body ... Now what?" to a random phone number. The teen said she got the idea for the prank from a posting on the website Pinterest.

Police didn't find the prank funny and say it tied up some of the department's resources.

The girl was released with a warning.

TACOMA, Washington (AP) -- A Washington state corrections officer has been charged with bigamy after Facebook discovered two women were connected to him and suggested they might want to be "friends."

Pierce County prosecutors say Alan L. O'Neill married a woman in 2001, moved out in 2009, changed his name and remarried without divorcing wife No. 1.

Wife No. 1 recently found out about Wife No. 2 when Facebook detected their connection to O'Neill and suggested the friendship connection.

Wife No. 1 then called the Alan’s mother, and an hour later the Alan arrived at Wife No. 1's apartment, and she asked him several times if they were divorced. "The defendant said, `No, we are still married.'"

Apparently neither O'Neill nor his first wife had filed for divorce, but she thought that they were divorced somehow. His name change came a month before he married his second wife. O'Neill allegedly told Wife No. 1 not to tell anybody about his dual marriages, that he would fix it. Wife No. 1 alerted authorities.

O'Neill, 41, was previously known at Alan Fulk. He has worked as a Pierce County corrections officer for five years. He was placed on administrative leave after prosecutors charged him Thursday. He could face up to a year in jail if convicted.

I’m Craig, and that is the news… (Play News Music – Clip 03)

Bring in the Whale:
Band name of the week:
Canadian Human Rights Violations
(Vagiant – Actual Band)

-Peyton Manning – The saga continues: Dolphins and Cardinals are out, down to Broncos, Titans, and 49ers.

-Free Agency –
-Mario Williams goes to Buffalo?
-Congratulations to Face on getting Kyle Orton.

-Dwight Howard remains in Orlando

-NCAA Tournament
-2 seed trouble. (Missouri and Duke out in 1st round)
-Kansas State and Colorado both involved. I still barely care.
Magnificent 7:

-I distrust any people group that is THAT into potatoes.
-The Blarney Stone
-The fact that everyone pretends to be Irish around this time of year.
-That Irish people used to be mistreated (They were treated the same as black people in the mid 1800’s)

Seven Things I like about the Irish/Ireland
7. The Drunken Irish Stereotype
6. Guinness
5. Flogging Molly – The Kilburn High Road
4. Mario Speedwagon – Our buddy Ben
3. The Lucky Charms Leprechaun
2. How afraid Garth gets when Wayne does “The Leprechaun”
1. The Irish Accent

He-Man Movie Watchers Club:
Biggest 2 stars:
Corey Feldman and Kevin Clash (The voice of Elmo)
Splinter a cross between Mr. Miyagi and Yoda

Vertically Striped Music Recommendation:
Tim Berry – Avoiding Catatonic Surrender

Shalom and Good Evening to you all!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Show Prep 153

Greetings and Salutations, People: It’s the World’s Most Dangerous Podcast, THIS is Vertically Striped Radio. I am your host, and perhaps the worst Scramble With Friends player on the planet, Craig Dodge. From a sunny day in Denver, Colorado, let’s do this thing!

I watched the second half of the Oscars on Sunday night, and apart from The Artist winning Best Picture as I assured you it would last week, this year’s Oscars (at least the parts I saw) were pretty lame. The ratings back that up as well, as for the first time ever, the Grammy’s did a bigger number than the Oscars. Probably the biggest issue was how much The Artist won. It took home Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Director, Best Original Score and Best Costume Design. If you want to alienate an American audience, give award after award to a bunch of French guys…works every time.

The take away from this year’s Oscars…
Angelina Jolie – I’m out.
I stood by her through her wearing a vial of Billy Bob Thornton’s blood around her neck, I stood by her while she tried to adopt half of Africa in what felt more like an attempt to be fashionable than an attempt to help kids, and I would have even stood by her with her ridiculous leg pose on Sunday night, but I have to say, I’m out on her because she looks like she is starving herself. I don’t care for the Skeletor look, and she looks so thin I half expect Sally Struthers to be crying in a commercial with maudlin music in the background while she asks, “Won’t someone think Angelina Jolie?” I need SOME meat on my women, and Angelina Jolie now looks like she is on a hunger strike that she won’t end until the Washington Generals defeat the Globetrotters. I’m sorry, Angelina, but I can only take so much. I have to end it between us.

Tweet of the Week:  
A Muppet wearing a foam finger is like a turducken.

Today on VSR – We have a new batch of things to ponder in “Something to Think About”, On a new edition of the Magnificent Seven, I have a list of my Top 7 “I can’t explain this” girls, and I have a great story about Drivers Ed to play for us as well as our usual stuff…

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(Bring on Face) –
Let’s get to the news… (Play News Music – Clip 03) 

CHAPEL HILL, North Carolina - A 43-year-old man in North Carolina died Tuesday after drinking gasoline and lighting a cigarette.

Gary Allen Banning of Havelock, N.C., was taken to a local hospital late Monday after police responded to a 911 call from a resident reporting an apartment fire. Banning was transported to the University of North Carolina Jaycee Burn Center in Chapel Hill where he died early Tuesday. He had suffered severe burns.

According to police, Banning accidentally drank from a salsa jar containing gasoline at a friend's apartment, spitting it out and getting it on his clothes. He then lit a cigarette a few minutes later that ignited his clothes and caused the fatal burns.

"It was just a freak incident," said W.K. Preslar, an investigator with the Havelock Police Department.

Preslar said Banning's friend was a mechanic and used gasoline to remove grease from his hands.

METHUEN, Mass. (AP) -- School officials in a Massachusetts town are apologizing for sending home a lunch menu that listed KKK Chicken Tenders as an option.

About 6,500 students in four Methuen schools went home with new menus Tuesday, a day after the original one mistakenly listed chicken seemingly in the style of the Ku Klux Klan.

Superintendent Judith Scannell said the menu was supposed to list KK Chicken Tenders, with the KK standing for a creatively spelled "Krispy, Krunchy," but an employee mistakenly hit the "K" key one too many times.

Scannell apologized if anyone was offended. The food service director got one complaint.

A student pointed out to WCVB-TV that it there would've been no issue if officials just spelled the words correctly, with the letter C.

RECIFE, Brazil - Ricardo Sergio Freire de Barros, age 41, was picked up by police in the northeastern Brazilian city of Recife and charged with using false documents and forgery.
He also was carrying several fraudulent forms of identification, but what makes this story interesting is he went into a bank and tried to open a bank account with a fake ID that had the name “Joao Pedro dos Santos" with a photo of Jack Nicholson's face on it.
Police said Freire de Barros was already being investigated for fraudulent activity when he was arrested.

CLINTON, Miss. (AP) -- Police in Mississippi say charges are pending against a Jackson area teen for pulling a prank on a friend when he advertised a free baby on Craigslist using the friend's cell phone number on the contact information.

Police Chief Don Byington would not identify the youths involved, but said the posting was "a bad practical joke."

Byington says the 18-year-old student at Clinton High took a photo of an unknown baby boy and placed the ad on Craigslist to give away - not sell - the baby. He says police interviewed the student Monday.

Prosecutors say the posting of such information can be prosecuted under state law that makes the "posting of messages through electronic media for the purpose of causing injury to another person" a felony.

I’m Craig, and that is the news… (Play News Music – Clip 03)

Bring in the Whale:
Band name of the week:
The Assassination of Stretch Armstrong by the Coward Teddy Ruxpin.

I continue to maintain that the 80’s are the most ridiculous decade in history, as further proof, I present the video for Lionel Richie’s “Hello”.

He-Man Movie Watchers Club:
Next Week: TMNT

2 Weeks it’ll be our St. Patrick’s Day spectacular, then we will be on a bit of a sabbatical, as I’ll be on vacation the final 2 Saturdays in March.

BREAK – (Clip 81) – Matt Miller – Driver’s Ed

Something to Think About:

1. It’s time to start walking on the escalator. This isn’t a ride.
2. Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil, See no Evil. (What about Smell no Evil, Taste no Evil, or Feel no Evil?)
3. Running is about the scariest thing you can do if you’re blind
4. Sugar-Free candy is crap. Look, just because I happen to be diabetic doesn’t mean I like things that taste terrible.
5. Miniaturize a McDonalds and hire only little people.
Gives a place for little people to be able to work where they are able to easily reach everything. It is built to their specifications AND it gives me a place where I can walk in and feel like a giant. Win-win.
6. (Clip 50) What if Wilson hadn’t floated away before Tom Hanks got rescued in Castaway?
7. I miss the generic aisle.
8. March is the most militant of months
9. Not sure Peter Pan really needs to freak out about losing his shadow.
10. We need to make a bigger deal out of leap day, but why does it have to be in February? If there is one thing I don’t need in my life, it’s more February. I say lets move it to July. How cool would it be to have a July 32nd every 4 years?

SADDLE RIVER, N.J. (AP) -- A New Jersey mother born on February 29 beat 2 million-to-1 odds when her daughter Rose who was also born on leap day.

Michelle Birnbaum of Saddle River Birnbaum turned 32 Wednesday, but celebrated for only the eighth time on the actual date. Her daughter rose was born Feb. 29, 2008 and celebrated her actual date birthday for the first time this week.

Top 7 “I can’t explain this” girls
Rachel Dratch
Whoopi Goldberg
Juliette Lewis
Joan Rivers

7. Rhea Perlman
6. Glen Close
5. Kim Kardashian
4. Cher
3. Paris Hilton
2. Rosie O’Donnell
1. Courtney Love

Vertically Striped Music Recommendation:
Renee & Jeremy – It’s a Big World.

Shalom and Good Evening to you all!