Saturday, November 19, 2011

Show Prep 135

Greetings and Salutations, People: On to Iowa

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If you’re depressed about the world remember that sea otters hold hands so they don’t float away while sleeping.

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Band name of the week: Doctor Gums and the Acoustic Maymem

On Deck:
 Lime Green Crime Scene

Let’s get to the news… (Play News Music – Clip 03) 

Let’s get to the news… (Play News Music – Clip 03)

MAASTRICHT, Netherlands – Worried that the current level of meat production in the world is not sustainable, Mark Post, a vascular biologist at the University of Maastricht, is working on growing a lab grown cheeseburger by using 3,000 thin strips of meat in a petri dish, then pack them together with some lab-grown fat.

But because 'cultured meat' contains no blood, the flesh will be pale, like a scallop. This is not going to be on a value meal any time soon, as Dr Post estimates the finished product is likely to cost upwards of $300,000.

"The first one will be grown in an academic lab, by highly trained academic staff. It's handmade and time and labour intensive, that's why it's so expensive to produce," he said.

'Cultured meat' begins with stem cells harvested from slaughterhouse leftovers.
Dr Post nurtures the cells with a liquid feed containing sugars, protein building-blocks, fats, minerals and other nutrients.

So far he has produced strips of meat 2.5cm long. Like muscle, these need to be exercised to grow - by stretching them repeatedly between Velcro tabs.

"The first one will be a proof of concept, just to show it's possible," he said.

Only a scientist would create a 300,000 dollar burger because meat production is not sustainable.

Free State, SOUTH AFRICA – Marius Els had an unusual pet. A Hippo. The South African man had adopted Humphrey the Hippo as a calf and he built a bond with him that enabled the former army major to ride on his back, feed him and even brush his teeth.

Supreme Master Television is an international, non-profit channel airing constructive news and programs that foster peace and promote healthy, green living. (Clip 36)

However, there is a reason that the hippo is regarded as one of the most aggressive creatures in the world.

Humphrey, who weighs over a ton, bit Marius Els, dragged him into the water and killed him on his 400-acre farm in South Africa. The man's mutilated body was found submerged in the river where years earlier the creature had been rescued from a flood.

The 40-year-old farmer, who said the animal was like a "son" to him, was confirmed dead by medics early on Sunday morning.
CORAM, N.Y. – A New York man wearing a T-shirt declaring "I'm a drunk" is facing DWI charges after a collision with a police car.

Suffolk County police arrested 23-year-old Kevin Daly of Coram. They say he crashed into an officer's vehicle at about 1:45 a.m. Thursday. The officer was treated for minor injuries.

Daly, who is unemployed, was wearing the T-shirt in a mug shot provided by police. It reads: "I'm not an alcoholic / I'm a drunk / Alcoholics go to meetings."

I’m Craig, and that is the news… (Play News Music – Clip 03)

How old is _____???
Ozzie Guillen (47)
Nolan Ryan (64)
Sandy Koufax (75)
Michael Jordan (48)
Isaiah Thomas (50)
Wilt Chamberlain (75 if he were still alive, died in 1999 at age 63.)
Dan Marino (50)
Vinny Testaverde (47)
Bart Starr (77)

Tebow – Clip 39 – Lebatard’s Theory – He is proving both sides of a debate.

Something to Think About
1. How confusing would signing your credit card be if your name was See Id?
2. A recent survey by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers found that Facebook is cited in one in five divorces in the United States. 
3. Lifestyle guru Martha Stewart is on high alert at home whenever the skies cloud over — she has been struck by lightning three times while hiding out from storms.
Stewart has lived to survive a series of frightening electrical shocks, while cooking and making crafts around her homes in New England.
Recalling the incidents, she says, “I was hit in a little house in Littlefield, Mass., while I was standing at the sink. … I was washing dishes and it hit me in my stomach.
“The second time, I was talking … on the telephone and light came through my skylight in Westport, Conn. (Another time) I was holding on to a metal stand. I let go and the lightning came back out through my foot.”
But Stewart has brushed off the shocking occurrences, and insists her body is simply a bizarre conductor of electricity.
She adds, “Some people attract electrical things, I do. … You can get electrocuted and not die.”
4. It annoys me that Peter Pan is always played by women.
5. Other letters than O or X for Tic Tac Toe
6. Dyson air blade
7. I don’t think I could ever have a snake as a pet, because all I’d want to do is tie it in a knot.

Week in Wankery:
-Tall Chairs

-Person who writes the description of Hockey for Groupon: Hockey is the fastest paced of all major sports, because its players rush to complete the game before the ice field melts into vinegar. Enjoy the acidic thrill of competition with today's GrouponLive deal to see the Colorado Avalanche play the New York Islanders at Pepsi Center on Thursday, November 10, at 7 p.m

Man of the Match - My family wins 50 bucks in Zoo Gift Shop certificates for stuffing a Prius.

I’ll be driving through Nebraska and Iowa in a few days- Thanksgiving will be fun, but driving not so much

Anti-Commercial – Transforming Debt to Wealth (Clip 37)

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E. Watson – The Decemberists – Long Live the King

Shalom and Good Evening to you all!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Show Prep 134

Greetings and Salutations, People:

Luke enraptured by the promotional searchlight for a restaurant opening.
Luke asks “Who’s leaking?” when Julia is doing Pilates

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RobinMcCauley Robin McCauley 
Rorschach's most compelling work was the series of paintings he made about my fear of dying alone.

Today on VSR –  The Magnificent Seven will count down the Top 7 injustices in sports history, We will discuss the tweaks that the NFL could and should make to NFC uniforms, plus a bunch more stuff in the holster for today which we may or may not get to.

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Band name of the week: Emu Selanne

Let’s get to the news… (Play News Music – Clip 03) 

Let’s get to the news… (Play News Music – Clip 03)

MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russian police have arrested a man described by local media as the "cemetery collector" for digging up 29 corpses and dressing the remains in female clothing to display around his flat.

Grainy police video images of the man's cramped flat showed what look like several life-sized female dolls without faces, some with platinum blond wigs.

"During a search of his flat and garage, 29 self-made, life-size dolls dressed in the clothes of buried people were found," a spokesman for police in Nizhny Novgorod, 400 km (250 miles) east of Moscow, said Tuesday.

"It was ascertained that he used mummified human bodies from graves to make them (the dolls)."

Police described the man, who was arrested following the desecration of graves in the area, as a local historian and an expert in the study of place names.

Media cited friends as saying they had never seen the dolls and that he was a learned, if eccentric, man.

DERBYSHIRE, England - Free beer is doing in criminals in England. In an undercover operation, police in Derbyshire, England have sent letters to dozens of criminals with outstanding warrants who had evaded arrest for several months.

The letter asked the criminals to call a marketing company and if they did so, they would collect a free crate of beer.

A total of 19 suspects fell for the hoax and called the number, which put them straight through to Chesterfield Police Station.

A time and date was arranged for the free alcohol to be delivered but instead the suspects were arrested.

Chief Inspector Graham McLaughlin, who is leading the operation, said: "These suspects are people who have managed to evade arrest for some time so we have used different tactics to find them.

"It has been very cost effective as it can take a lot of time and money to track people down.”

Those arrested are alleged to have committed offences including burglary, robbery and sexual assault.

LONDON, England - Businessman William Sachiti spotted the cigarette packet-sized GPS tracker and feared the worst having previously been in the security business.

The bomb squad was called and the street cordoned off and the man called his wife, Diletta Bianchini, an oncologist who works at the Royal Marsden Hospital in Sutton, Surrey.

Sachiti had recently begun working late and his wife thought he was having an affair. She hired a private investigator who bugged Mr Sachiti's silver Lexus.

Mr Sachiti spotted the tracker and mistakenly thought that it was a bomb. He went to the nearest police station and the High Street in Sutton, Surrey, had to be shut down.

"(It) was the wife who hired someone to follow me as she was concerned about my new ambiguous work hours," he explained. "She may well have thought I'm having an affair but I'm not.”

"My wife has always been that sort of person who has wanted to know where I am."
As police began to cordon off the area, Mr Sachiti telephoned his wife and she confessed.

"I'm just so sorry it happened. "It was a huge mistake and I was out of my mind," she said.

A spokesman for Scotland Yard said: "Police cordoned off the immediate area to traffic and pedestrians. 

"The bomb disposal squad, London Fire Brigade and London Ambulance Service were called but cancelled shortly after when police officers were informed by the driver's wife that she had arranged to have a tracking device fitted underneath the rear of her husband's car.

I’m Craig, and that is the news… (Play News Music – Clip 03)

NFC Uniform Suggestions:

49ers - Fix the stripes on the sleeves
Rams - Ditch the gold and navy, go back to royal blue and yellow.
Seahawks - Keep the current logo, but go back to the old colors. Silver Helmet, and Royal Blue and Kelly Green jerseys.
Cardinals - Design a new helmet, new logo, start all over. Cards uniforms are dull.

Saints - I'm fine with these as they are
Panthers - Consider going with Carolina Blue and Navy, co-opt the Tarheels colors!
Buccaneers - Broncos are going back to orange jerseys with new logos, figure out a way to go Creamcicle with new logos.
Falcons - RED HELMET!

Vikings - Ditch the yellow, go monochrome purple and white.
Lions - The helmet stripe is too skinny, and the old Lion is better than this newer one.
Packers - Don't change a thing
Bears - (Controversial) Make a cool new Bear logo, update the uniform, put the Bear logo on the helmet.

Giants - Go back to blue letters on the road jersey
Redskins - Scrap the name, scrap the colors, scrap everything, blow it up, worst uniform in the NFL.
Eagles - Kelly Green!
Cowboys - Use the Navy uniform more often, scrap the two different color pants, just wear the silver ones that currently go with the blue jersey, match the numbers color to the helmet color

Magnificent Seven: Top 7 Sports Injustices:

1. USA – Russia – 1972 Olympic basketball
2. Stanley Cup Finals 1999 – Brett Hull’s foot was in the crease in Game 6 OT goal.
3. The Tuck Rule Game – Raiders vs. Patriots
4. Hand of God Goal – Helped Argentina knock England out of the Semi-Finals in the 1986 World Cup. At the post-game press conference, Maradona claimed that the goal was scored "un poco con la cabeza de Maradona y otro poco con la mano de Dios" ("a little with the head of Maradona and a little with the hand of God")
5. Miami-Ohio State Pass Interference
6. Theirry Henry’s handball knocks Ireland out of the World Cup in qualifying
7. Jim Joyce robs Armando Galaraga of a perfect game by a terrible call on what should have been the 27th out.
8. 5th Down – Colorado vs. Missouri
9. Broncos-Chargers – The Ed Hoculi Game

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Peter Mulvey – The Dreams

Shalom and Good Evening to you all!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Show Prep 133

Greetings and Salutations, People:
How the Ed nearly killed me as I drove to get pizza this week.

Tweet of the Week:  (Halloween Leftovers)
DemetriMartin Demetri Martin 
It turns out it's never okay to walk through a cemetery dressed as a mummy, even if you were just taking a shortcut on the way to a party.

Today on VSR –  Shortened show, but we will have a new edition of something to think about, A magnificent seven list of my 7 favorite words in Spanish, and I’ve got an answer to one of life’s mysteries...

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(Bring on Face) –

Let’s get to the news… (Play News Music – Clip 03) 

Let’s get to the news… (Play News Music – Clip 03)

DONORA, Pa. – A western Pennsylvania man was wearing a jail inmate costume when he was arrested for weapons possession and for insulting police who came to arrest his friend on Halloween.

22-year-old Gregory Moon was still wearing the black-and-white striped costume when he was arraigned early Monday. He was given a bright orange jumpsuit when a district judge sent him to the Washington County Jail where he has yet to post $250,000 bond.

Police say Moon, of Charleroi, was arrested when they answered a disturbance call at a housing project in Donora about 2:45 a.m. Monday. Police say they arrested a friend of Moon's who fought with officers, causing the police to arrest Moon for possessing a stolen gun after he too started yelling at police.

MILWAUKEE (Reuters) - Roman Catholic bishops in Wisconsin are urging their parishioners not to bring weapons to church now that a new state law permits Wisconsin residents to carry concealed firearms.

"Intuitively, we understand that acts of violence, destruction, and murder are antithetical to the message and person of Jesus Christ and have no rightful place in our society, especially sacred places," the bishops said just before the law went into effect on Tuesday.

"We ask that all people seriously consider not carrying weapons into church buildings as a sign of reverence for these sacred spaces," they said.

NEW YORK – A New York City man has filed a lawsuit seeking $48,000 to recreate his 2003 wedding, even though the marriage ended in divorce.

The New York Times reported this week that Todd Remis sued H & H Photographers claiming that they missed the last dance and the bouquet toss.

Remis wants to be repaid the $4,100 cost of the photography. He also wants $48,000 to recreate the entire wedding and fly the principals to New York so the celebration can be re-shot by another photographer.

The studio says that might be difficult since the bride has returned to her native Latvia.

The owner of the photography studio called the case "an abuse of the legal system."


I’m Craig, and that is the news… (Play News Music – Clip 03)

How old is _____???
Ozzie Guillen (47)
Nolan Ryan  (64)
Sandy Koufax (75)
Michael Jordan (48)
Isaiah Thomas (50)
Wilt Chamberlain (75 if he were still alive, died in 1999 at age 63.)
Dan Marino (50)
Vinny Testaverde (47)
Bart Starr (77)

Musical Chairs Reality Show??

The CW is developing a new reality show "Extreme Musical Chairs"

The series would transform the popular children's game into a physically demanding competition with multiple rounds of elimination set in an indoor obstacle course.

CW's interest in the project is a sign of the network's efforts to broaden the appeal of its programming. Most shows on the network have been carefully tailored to young femmes with an emphasis on fashion and celebs. They are now apparently actively courting the mentally handicapped.

Something to Think About:

1. I don’t trust waiters at Mexican restaurants who call me “Amigo”
2. There is no delicate way to say Diarrhea, also, I will NEVER be able to spell that word from memory
3. My new theory: The quality of BBQ is inversely proportional to the sophistication of the local population. Taking that theory to extremes: Cavemen must have had just exquisite BBQ.
4. How did bike helmets so quickly become acceptable? When I was a kid NO one wore one, now you never see a kid without one.
5. In light of Halloween, have you ever had a full-size Mr. Goodbar? Seems like they only come in minis.
6. Hostess approximate wait times are total crap
7. Getting Lotto tickets at work, having to pay the taxes for the buck
8. The most intimidating thing ever for a football crowd to do to the opponents: Whistle the Andy Griffith Theme in unison. (Clip 38)
Magnificent 7 – My Top 7 Favorite Spanish Words
7. Nosotros – We or Us
6. Sabor – Flavor
5. Oso – Bear
4. Amarillo – Yellow
3. Hola – Hello
2. Mantequilla – Butter  
1. Zapatos – Shoes

Vertically Striped Music Recommendation:
Ben Folds Five – Army
From the Album “The Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner”

Shalom and Good Evening to you all!